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Document Management System is a software-based mechanism used to store, retrieve, modify and maintain various documents and also different versions of the same document. Documents would be ready for access across the organization over an intranet or internet. DMS involves the digital storage of the paper document to ensure its safety from physical attacks and natural calamities. Document management also comprises of data management and it leads to a paperless office that is highly appreciable in this digital world. Modern Business runs on the digital media which is competitive and customer driven. The booming modern business requires an appropriate and reliable document management system as it needs to assign certain permissions on digitally stored documents.

DMS is essential to an organization for the following reasons:

  • To provide instant access to their documents
  • To track documents
  • To attend customers inquiries
  • To restrict certain users to access the sensitive document

The complexity of DMS features usage is absolutely based on the business needs.

Document Scanning and Indexing

Business documents are protected with Document Scanning. It ensures the availability of the document even when the physical document is not available. There is a demand to store the document with proper naming conventions. The document stored haphazardly makes it less searchable, when it is stored across different systems. Document scanning service produces a quick, accurate, and high quality image of a paper document which turns into a valuable asset for the business. Modern businesses need to capture and store loads of data, images etc. A reliable document management system provides better cash flow improved customer service and satisfaction.

Another important aspect of a document management system or DMS is Document indexing. This involves tagging the documents with its associated terms. An index or tagged term aids in quick search at the time of document retrieval. Document Indexing is compulsory in the digital file management. A well-indexed document system ensures both tangible and intangible benefits to the modern business. Document Indexing resolves many of the storage and retrieval problems which are caused by paper-based document management. Reduced business cost is one of the major benefits of indexing. Meticulous and persistent indexing is one of the most important aspects of document management system.


Record Management

Record and Information Management (RIM) or Record Management (RM) involves governing the documented information either in digital or paper format. A Record consists of the documentation of the entire lifecycle of the business transaction. Record management is not an optional in today’s corporate sector with increased data volume. It is considered as an effective control tool over the organizational records right from the creation till its disposition. Record management process involves the following responsibilities:

  • Record identification
  • Record classification
  • Record storage
  • Coordinating internal and external audits

The fundamental purpose of record management is to manage compliance and to reduce the risks associated with events. A reliable document management system needs to be built and maintained based on the business size and requirements to accelerate a cost-effective and customer-friendly business.

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