Outsourcing trends to watch in 2017

Last year, we all have witnessed a lot of challenges related to outsourcing and production workloads. In 2016, security has hit the top pyramid of the agenda. Now, do you know what�s the top outsourcing trends of 2017?

One of the major trend would be insecurity. Most of the business firms expect a dynamic change in the IT as well as business processing service sector. Things might take a turn with Donald Trump taking the role of President. There can also be a change in the field of cloud computing, robotic process automation, and cognitive abilities.

Let�s take a look at the top outsourcing trends of 2017:

1) Security

In 2017, security and factual information would be one of the major concerns. As per a report published by CIO, Jimit Arora, partner in the Everest Group�s IT Service Division states that absorption of advanced security automation, and security analytics solutions will continue to be strong as the enterprises aim to build a holistic approach to cover the business risks. Vendors will have a much bigger role to play in protecting the enterprise via certain security measures.

2) Tenure of industry insecurity

2017 would be the year for industry insecurity for the firms both in India and abroad. The new administration which will come into power in the US will have a strong impact on trade agreements, tax policies, visa and immigration. Thus, it will have an indirect impact on the outsourcing industry. Most of the firms have begun the process of accessing and auditing their contracts to find out the impact on various sectors.

3) Cloud

We should all accept the fact that customers demand a lot more from the cloud. The innovation of cloud computing adoption has withered and the decorum period for the providers have diminished. Clients will become more acute about the exact meaning of cloud services. We may witness that customers will look out for the leverage cloud which can be used as an integral platform for the fresh internal and external actions.

4) Turning point of offshore providers

Most of the Indian service providers might increase the functional capabilities in certain key process areas and can also help in building a better organizational change management capability. It seems like the days of unexpected growth for the tier one offshore organization have collapsed.

5) Less cost

One of the trends awakened in the mind of business people for 2017 is to cut down the cost of outsourcing. Not all the companies can offer a cost-effective solution. Thus, one should choose an apt service provider, which will meet up their low-cost demand. With the growth of the business, there will also be an increase in the scaling up process. The uncertain costs of the scaling up should be kept in mind before planning out your budget.