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Chatbots are the AI-powered virtual assistants that are rapidly gaining popularity in the industry. It is becoming a trend among companies to use chatbot technology as an internal process because of its efficiency. Chatbots can help employees work remotely and save them time by giving them information and instructions about their tasks. Many companies are now using chatbots for their internal operations. Working from home is one of the biggest reasons for remote workers.


Chatbots can help employees stay in touch with their company headquarters by completing these tasks efficiently and quickly. Chatbots can also be used for customer service by helping customers by answering questions, providing directions and much more.


The benefits of chatbots are much talked about these days, but many companies are still hesitant and reluctant to adopt this type of technology. The main reason is that it seems to be difficult to integrate chatbot within their existing processes unless they use a bot in conjunction with their current CRM system.


For example, chatbots can:

  • Monitor and notify you of customer problems � and then notify your support team automatically.
  • Provide real-time information and updates to customers, such as price changes or new product releases.
  • Help you solve complex problems or issues quickly.
  • Provide customer support and sales support to customers across multiple channels.


How does Chatbot help Companies in 2022 during WFH?


Chatbots have recently become one of the hottest topics in Artificial Intelligence, especially during the pandemic. In this era, chatbots are getting smarter with each passing day. They can do more than just make phone calls or schedule appointments. Chatbots are now used for banking transactions, customer support, and even scheduling meetings. They can also assist you with your everyday routines like planning a trip or setting reminders.


Chatbots will be an integral part of customer service in 2022. As customers get more accustomed to smart phones and tablets, they’ll expect the same level of convenience from their virtual assistants.�Companies are already starting to employ chatbots for customer service and sales.


So how exactly do Chatbots help Companies in 2022 during Work-from-Home?


Improves the Help Desk’s Service to Employees

IT help desk chatbots provide employees with 24/7 self-service via a number of channels. When employees ask a question using a chatbot, the chatbot can respond to their queries. It can also update their work status, resolve IT issues, software problems and upgrades, and others. An IT help desk bot can automate troubleshooting� as and when needed. Another major advantage is that an IT help desk bot can work with most other systems. This bot helps in incident management by sending alerts to an employee informing about the status of their incident. The employee can inform the chatbot when they want to follow up on an incident.


Enhancing Marketing and Sales Process

Customer service and sales generation are inextricably linked. If you want to run a successful business, you need to employ a chatbot for your customer support system. Your sales team will be able to more efficiently identify and capture sales order information and divert them to your sales representatives to take the deal further. Moreover, your chatbot can connect qualified leads with the right member of your team, taking advantage of past experience to create interactive marketing campaigns which shorten the sales cycle for better outcomes. A bot is capable of data collection from your customers in the form of simple questions and provide product/service information based on the inputs received.


Initiating Employee Training Quickly

The threat of the coronavirus pandemic has left employees with no choice but to take extra precautions, including maintaining social distancing and working from home. However, companies must impart proper training that employees need and make their work productive, irrespective of their location. An AI-enabled chatbot can help employees to build as well as improve their professional skills to elevate their performance regardless of their location. Also, a chatbot can deliver expert knowledge to your employees at any time and on any device. Make sure you develop a chatbot that can be easily integrated into your corporate training software to drastically improve the learning experience of your trainees forever.


Boosting Employee Engagement and Communication

Employee chatbots can automatically notify staff of various internal communications. They can provide access to company and employee information 24/7 and allow employees to initiate a variety of internal communications. A sophisticated chatbot can even help in the workplace by assigning tasks to employees with a single click. It provides information about PTO (paid time off), leave status, shift swaps, or payslips. You can also deploy a chatbot on company-owned communication channels, such as intranet, mobile apps, messaging platforms like Skype, Messenger, others. This makes internal communication seamless for employees. Chatbots also prove useful for organizations by making it easy to send push broadcast messages and pull content from the chatbot for targeted groups.


Last Words�

It is a proven fact that chatbots will become an essential part of any enterprise’s digital transformation. Whether the enterprise likes it or not, this transformation is inevitable. COVID-19 has greatly accelerated their adoption. Internal communication can be simplified by these conversational user experiences, and organizational processes can be automated in many ways.

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