Image illustrations are widely used for marketing and for websites. Illustrations have become an inevitable part of content, digital and social media marketing. They are more effective in communicating the message to the audience and help reach out to a larger audience. Sharable media is more likely to get more attention at a time where social media networks play an important role in digital marketing. Illustrations are very important as they are more likely to be shared than the text content. Illustrations are usually custom-made for the context and the content. But it requires specialized creative skills and technical knowledge. Because of this emerging trend in content marketing, companies are making use of Offshore illustration Outsourcing Services to create outstanding illustrations that support their content.


Illustrations differ from images considerably. They are more life-like and handcrafted and sometimes even use photographs. Earlier, illustrations were totally drawn by hand by skilled artists to visualize something that was yet to be created. It was more like the sketches of buildings or plans that were made first before building them. But illustrations were more than lines and graphs. They have an element of life in them which make them different from designs. Artists now use illustration software and graphic pens that let them work on their artistic graphics more illustriously and even let them blend these creative images with photographs taking it into another level.

Here are 5 emerging trends in illustrations to watch out for in 2017:

1) 3D Illustrations

Adding a 3rd dimension to the illustrations make them more life-like. As with 3D images, 3D illustrations also require specialized software and skilled illustrators who are creative and technically sound using the software. Offshore Outsourcing Services offer illustrations on time and that are affordable which attract your clients.

2) Retro Feel

Illustrations that provide a retro feeling to the users are increasingly getting popular on the internet. People love to hold on to their memories and illustrations that remind them of those beautiful olden days are dearer to them. These get shared more frequently among middle-aged users who belong to the major group of consumers across the world. Offshore illustration India can provide beautiful thought-evoking illustrations that turn your memories alive and keep your audience growing.

3) Photographic Illustrations

Sometimes, photographs taken with different exposures are blended together which creates a beautiful illustration. Such illustrations are more used for logos and for using on websites. They don�t look like photographs because of the technical work done on them which render them as amazing illustrations. Such jobs can be done when you Outsource Image Editing Services India to create unique illustrations that do not look like perfect pictures.

4) Popular Game Themes

Online games have become a rage recently. From Mario and Nintendo to Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Pokemon Go, people tend to recognize game-themed illustrations easily which help improve your brand recognition too. The only point to note is to relate such themes to your business context or else, it would be a complete blunder.


5) Bling!

Though blings are mostly despised by many groups, they definitely attract attention. This is one of the major purposes of illustrations � to attract attention. Using Gold or such bling elements to your illustrations will help attract attention more easily.

These are only few of the emerging trends seen in illustrations in the recent times. When you outsource such work to a competent and proven outsourcing image editor or illustrators, you can make the most of beautiful and creative illustrations that always emerge successful in attracting audiences� attention.