Business Handshake to Seal a DealThe fast developing world of business and entrepreneurs might have at least thought of outsourcing their task to remote supports or someone might have outsourced their tedious tasks already. For those who had outsourced and for those who are planning to outsource, the global suggestion is, the cleverest way to achieve your business is to outsource your task.

For businesses that had outsourced your services, there is no limit to the tasks and services you can outsource. Don�t think that the baseline functions can be outsourced?

Before outsourcing you business to a remote supporter be aware of the 3 R�s of outsourcing. The 3 R�s are




Before outsourcing you business to a remote supporter be aware of the 3 R�s of outsourcing. The 3 R�s are

Reasons of Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing helps you to reduce the operational cost. Outsourcing can help you to eliminate the cost of hiring an employee.
  • Helps you to concentrate on core business and will also helps you to pay more attention on company
  • Will get an opportunity to take advantage of full-time expert time without paying constantly
  • Within a limited cost outsourcing helps you to access excellent and exceptional capabilities
  • Can use your internal resources for core business activities
  • Outsourcing can help you at the time when you are running out of resources for your firm
  • When you want to restructure your business then outsource your non-core activities, so that these functions be cared
  • At the time of unmanageable situations, outsourcing the task is a better option and let you also involve in the task to make a sudden result
  • Outsourcing helps you to own a group of technically skilled staffs, professionals and working team

Risks of outsourcing

The famous saying, every coin has two sides, one heads and one tails, one for good and other for bad, fits best to this context. Even the outsourcing has n-number of advantages; it has its own drawbacks also. Outsourcing needs to trust a remote supporter, and trusting a remote support for every time brings chance of risk also. Whether these vendors are full-time or part-time the risk level is the same.

Some questions that disturb the business owners after hiring a outsource supporter are: Did I opt the best individual or firm to do the job? Will they work whole heatedly? Will they support my firm? Will they complete the task in time?

Business owners regardless of small or large firms, should be aware of the following risks:

  • Make sure that you had hired the right professional team to support your task, because some of the IT operations cannot be outsourced easily and smoothly.
  • A survey suggests that, outsourcing will not be as much effective as appointing an employee in your management. A chance of loss of control cannot be negligible.
  • A situation of misunderstanding of job risk among your employees can also be raised
  • �You will be locked, if� a situation of buying software or resources from a vendor is needed

A better solution to avoid all these risks is, make a clear analysis of what to be outsourced. Make a thorough evaluation of the vendor or remote supporter by asking questions.

The Rewards of Outsourcing

  • The primary advantage is cost, time and resource saving
  • They will flexible support you at the time when internal staffs are not available
  • Helps to be more focused on your core business
  • Helps in removing burden from your staff
  • Will help you to be aware of latest and more efficient technologies
  • You can hire professional and experienced staffs

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