An organization may have several documents and records, accessing and retrieving these records is an arduous task this will take up the most of time and other resources. By documenting and indexing your data and documents it would become easier to access and retrieve them. Documenting and indexing helps in arranging and ordering the documents and data for easy access and retrieval. Documenting and indexing would increase your efficiency and accuracy of document selection.

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Document indexing would increase your business functionality some of the advantages of document indexing.

Save storage space:Document indexing saves storage space, if the documents were in paper formats it would have used up most of your office building for storage but after document is digitized you would have of lot of space for all your other functionalities.

Information Flow:Information access is ten times faster when compared to information access in hard copies. Digital document indexing would speed up your information access this would improve your business functionality.

Accuracy and reliability:Data retrieval would be more precise and accurate, Document indexing would increase fetching of data more accurate, correct data would be retrieved and it would be reliable.

Saves time and other resources: Document indexing would save a lot of time, as it would allow you to locate and fetch your documents quickly and easily. You would be able to access documents according to index accurately and efficiently. Not only time it would also save your valuable resources like human resources, software, hardware, money etc. When you can efficiently retrieve and use your documents then your resources can be utilized efficiently for your other purposes.

Ease of Information Access: You could access data efficiently and quickly when the data is digitized and indexed properly. Data can be easily accessed and retrieved it would increase the efficiency, searching for any data can be easy since each document is properly indexed and stored.


Manual searching confusion

Saves manual searching time: No need for searching for a document manually, manual search would waste a lot of time and human resources. Finding a document from a large heap of data manually can be like searching for a needle in haystack, it would take like forever to find a document but if the document is digitized and indexed it would only take fraction of a second to locate and retrieve it.

Infinite storage without data loss: data can be stored and kept for a long time without data loss or data manipulation. There would be data backup in case any data manipulation or loss happens, but if paper documents go missing then it would become very hard to retrieve them. Data would be safe and secure for years without any data manipulation or loss for years.

Data documenting and indexing would help in ease of access and retrieval of data, and it would increase the efficiency of data fetching. Indexing and scanning documents would increase data reliability and security and data would be safe and secure for years. It would increase your business functionality by reducing your resource usage.