Recently, Google has bought out a contemporary and sophisticated application for backing up all the images and essential files to the clouds, thus, leading to the replacement of the existing desktop clients for Google Photos and Drive.

This feature will enable the users to back up the data and sync more data and hence, this service is known as ‘Backup and Sync’. Apart from performing the backup function on the important files, it will also help you to focus on the photos stored. Today, the service is widely available and you can easily try it on Mac and PC.

Apart from Google Drive and Google Photos, this tool will help you to back up the documents and folders from anywhere on your computer. Earlier the files were saved into a folder created under the Google Drive, with the help of Dropbox for the purpose of uploading.

Latest Discovery! Google Invents Tool to Back Up Your Computer

Google describes the tool as a simple and most reliable method to safeguard the images and documents that are valuable to you. You just need to select the folders or documents which require a backup and the rest will be completely handled by the ‘Backup and Sync’ tool. You can also set up the application for the purpose of automatic upload of files on the devices to which you connect your computer. The devices can be cameras, SD cards, or mobile phones.

With the help of this tool, you can get an easy access to enjoy 15GB of free space which can be shared across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google photos. If you have files which occupy the space of more than 15GB, you need to pay for the extra space that you consumed. In case, if you need to get all your photos or videos at the original resolution, you need to pay an additional sum for the cloud storage.

Once the backup process is completed successfully, you will be able to access the files from any device, which has the installation of Google; let it be a computer or a smartphone. The images and videos will be found inside the Google Photo apps. People who have a Google account can enjoy a free ‘Backup and Sync’ service. But before carrying out the backup process of the complete computer data, make sure that you have sufficient availability of cloud storage.

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